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Provide smart home cleaning service

( 5 Reviews )

From DK600 to DK700

Avoid repeated cleaning

“4+2”cleaning modes

Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, DK700

What You Get

$ 259.59


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  • model number


  • color

    sky blue

  • Product weight


  • Product Size

    32,5 x 32,5 x 7,2 cm

  • capacity


  • volume


  • Suction


  • Battery Type

    DC14.4V Li-ion 2600mAh

  • Charge Time

    5-6 hours

  • Input


  • Max Runtime




Has anyone successfully connected Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes,our robot vacuum can absolutely connected Alexa and google assistant


Is its auto mode the same as DK600?

The auto mode of the DK700 we call it


Can I set the timing function to clean several times a day?

Yes,I have tried,it's easy to set the time


Does this work with Alexa?

Yes,DK700 can work with Alexa and Google Assistant


Does the vacuum has warranty?

Yes,we have 1-year refund and return warranty,and if you have any problems about the DK700,you can contact us anytime anywhere


DEENKEE DK700 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Makes vacuuming so much easier!

Court 11-22-2019


My mother bought the deenkee DK600 a while back and loves it so I decided to buy the newer DK700. This robotic vacuum is awesome. It does a really good job of cleaning our hardwood floors as well as transitioning to carpet. The smart cleaning mode that it has does a really good job of maneuvering obstacles and has rarely gotten stuck in my personal experience. I also really like how you can remove the brush roll on this vacuum to clean it easier. It is also pretty quiet, much more quiet than regular vacuums! The vacuum comes with a remote controller and also has a intuitive app that you can use to control it. Another feature that I really liked is that you can hook this vacuum up to Alexa and Alexa can turn it on and off for you. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone that is in the market!

Great robotic vacuum cleaner!

Merve 11-21-2019


I bought this robot vacuum for my mom as a birthday gift. She is 65 years old and I realized that keeping her place clean is getting harder for her especially because she has two cats at her place. So I thought it’s the best gift for her. We first tried the vacuum cleaner together. She loved it. It does really good job. I had another brand at my place, but I really liked this one better. The suction power is definitely stronger than what I have. My mom is not great with smart phones, having remote is great for her. She really enjoys navigating it with the remote control. Also, it works really quite. I recommend it anyone so far.

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