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  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
Car Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum CleanerCar Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight And Versatile
  • Easy To Wash & Maintain
  • Easy To Use
  • Product description:


Technical Specification Voltage:

DC12V Max Power: 106W

Input-current: 8A

Noise decibel: ≤75DB

Max vacuum degree: 4,500 Pa

Material: ABS & PC

Cable length: 16.4ft/5m

Weight: 23.00oz/653g

Brush Attachment: 2.76in/70mm (L)

Extension Hose: 28.35in/720mm (L)

Crevice Attachment: 5.51in/140mm




I have used this car vacuum several times this week already! I like that its small and light. It has good suction for its size. it was not suitable for cleaning room, but I think it is great for quick cleaning the cars. I had a son who loves eating snacks in the car, I realized that I visit car washers too often. I hate vacuuming a vehicle so I thought maybe I'd be more inclined if I had a lighter easier vac, it can easily suck up dust, dirt, crumbs. I'm satisfied with a long cable and varying apparatuses enables reaching hardest areas to reach. I see the description says it has more power when the car engine is on, which makes sense, and this cord car vacuum cleaner seems to last longer than a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, this car vacuum is low price than the battery-powered vacuum cleaner. That's all my experience.

John Whatson

As a truck driver who does not have a power inverter this vacuum, so far, is ideal for my purposes. I sweep the floor regularly but this vacuum has sufficient power and reach to get the residual stuff that my broom and small sweeper can not. It’s strong enough to get the visible dirt and has the reach to get all areas of my truck which has quite a bit more area than the vast majority of passenger cars. I typically wouldn’t buy something with so few reviews but based on my limited usage it gets a well earned 5 stars from me. I plug it into the lighter and it does as expected.


This thing works like a beast. Sucks most of the dirt in my car with ease! And i love how it comes with different noses to help you reach tight spaces. As an Uber driver part time this is my best friend. Helps me get lots of clean and tidy comments! This is now my new best friend in my uber times. Love it!


Very convenient! I like that I don’t need to use a power outlet, just plug it in the cigarette lighter and it’s ready to use. I can use it anywhere, and since I have a child I have crumbs on the back seat all the time from her snacks. It’s powerful enough for a car vacuum cleaner and I can reach all the places that I need to.