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What is Deenkee Service and influencer?

Deenkee Service is a platform for our customer (influencer) to learn more about our products and share their opinion with more people, it is also an important way for us to know your opinion. We will improve our products and service according to your suggestions.

What can we do here?

In our page, you can get free products (one item each time). Selections will be under your own wishes, we will offer you regular discount codes and bonus gift cards for helping us testing products. We will not charge or ask private information from our Influencer in any occasion, if anyone is asking for money or private information, it is a scam.

What is our coustomer's responsibility?

We are expecting detailed feedback on the samples within 15 days after you got the product. A delayed review may impact your eligibility to apply future Deenkee products.

Do I need to return the product after I tried it?

It's Not. You can keep the product and the products are also under our warranty policy.

Who is qualified to be Influencer?

Influencer is open to US residents only.

We want to find influencers in every field. Choose a best platform to show your talent and fill the chart. If you are an opinion influencer, just throw your application to us.